Who Needs Physical Therapy?

Who Needs Physical Therapy?

If you’ve been suffering from pain, especially long-lasting pain, then you may easily benefit from physical therapy. Reach out to us here at Hudson Sport & Spine in Hoboken NJ if you think you could benefit from physical therapy. We can provide it in the short term, if that’s all you need, or for as long as you could benefit from it.

Who Needs Physical Therapy?
Who Needs Physical Therapy?

So who needs physical therapy?

A person who’s had pain that’s lasted longer than 3 months may need physical therapy. This kind of pain is chronic pain and it likely won’t go away on its own. Someone who’s suffered an injury and is experiencing significant pain might also benefit from physical therapy. And if you recently had surgery, then you might already have a referral for physical therapy which will help you regain your functionality and mobility.

Perhaps you know someone with a chronic condition like arthritis, back pain, or sciatica. Physical therapy could help a great deal. Even though conditions like those might not be cured or even curable at all, they, their symptoms, and the pain can be managed. With physical therapy, the focus is on managing a chronic condition, managing the symptoms of the condition, relieving pain, treating an injury, rehabilitation after surgery, and/or preventing complications.

Athletes can benefit from physical therapy too, even if they’re not experiencing any pain or health issues. Because physical therapy can actually help to prevent injuries and other issues from occurring in the first place, many athletes receive it regularly!

How often does a person need physical therapy?

This really depends on the particular issue causing a person’s pain in the first place. Also, the person’s needs and his or her progress during therapy are factors. Usually, however, people will need one or two sessions per week for one or two months. Some people may benefit from annual follow-up sessions, while others might benefit from ongoing and occasional physical therapy for the rest of their lives.

To help you determine whether and how often you’ll need physical therapy, have a consultation with one of our physical therapists here at Hudson Sport & Spine. He or she can help you establish a treatment program and will recommend both a number of sessions and a frequency to the sessions. And after each and every session, the therapist will evaluate your progress, so if your progress is faster or slower than anticipated, the therapist can adjust your program accordingly.

What are the different kinds of physical therapy?

At Hudson Sport & Spine, we provide a number of different types of physical therapy so our patients have access to the precise kind of therapy each of them needs. Our procedures include:

  • Manual (hands-on) therapy – Myofascial release techniques, muscle strengthening, soft tissue mobilization, and joint mobilization for back or neck pain, or pain in other areas
  • Pain management – Moist heat, electrical stimulation, ultrasound therapy, intersegmental traction, dry hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, and massage
  • Therapeutic exercises – Strengthening, stabilizing, and stretching to treat pain and restore range of motion
  • Postural corrections – Behavior modification, postural exercise, and correcting of musculoskeletal issues
  • Home management program – An exercise and strengthening program you can do from the comfort of home!

If some of those treatments sound doable to you, and if you think you would benefit from physical therapy, then we’d like to hear from you. Contact Hudson Sport & Spine today for a consultation or appointment. We’re located at 70 Hudson St Suite 2B, Hoboken, NJ 07030, and you can also give us a call. Alternatively, you can book with us online. We hope to hear from you soon!