What Are Four Benefits of Physical Therapy?

What Are Four Benefits of Physical Therapy?

For many patients, physical therapy can be life-changing, and if you have chronic pain or an injury, you could easily be one of these patients. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of physical therapy and how our professionals can help you here at Hudson Sport & Spine in Hoboken, NJ. Call us for more information.

What Are Four Benefits of Physical Therapy?
What Are Four Benefits of Physical Therapy?

Chronic pain and injuries are treated very effectively with physical therapy. It can help patients move better and feel better, but the benefits are more significant than just that.

Can physical therapy relieve pain?

It absolutely can, yes. In fact, physical therapy can even eliminate pain entirely in some cases. With specialized exercises, manual therapeutic techniques, and joint and soft tissue treatment, a patient can have his or her pain reduced, eliminated, and prevented from returning. Pain relief is one of the biggest benefits of physical therapy, and you can expect it with your physical therapy sessions.

Does physical therapy improve mobility and functionality?

Yes, it does. This is another major benefit of physical therapy, and by improving mobility and functionality, physical therapy can improve a patient’s lifestyle greatly. Even if a patient is simply experiencing some minor difficulty with posture or walking, physical therapy can help. This is because physical therapy consists of many strengthening and stretching exercises that can enhance a patient’s joint stabilization and improve muscle strength regardless of the patient’s condition.

If necessary, a physical therapist can fit a patient with an adjunct support device like crutches, or provide a brace instead. This can help improve mobility and functionality to a greater extent.

Additionally, physical therapy can improve balance and coordination, which complements the improvements in mobility and functionality. A loss of balance or poor coordination can be the cause of an injury or accident in the first place, so improving balance and coordination can prevent future incidents. Also on the topic of prevention…

Can physical therapy prevent sports injuries?

Because physical therapists have a good understanding of the musculoskeletal system and body mechanics, as well as sports-related injuries, they can help athletes prevent injuries in the first place. A physical therapist can put together an injury prevention program for a patient, which can be quite effective in preventing injuries like stress fractures and others. Recovery programs can be created for athletes too, or for patients who recently had surgery.

How can physical therapy help with chronic conditions?

Here’s another big benefit of physical therapy. Just as it can be very effective for athletes, physical therapy can be very effective for patients with chronic conditions, like osteoarthritis. For this particular condition, physical therapy can relieve pain or be done as a joint-replacement recovery program. Vascular conditions and diabetes can be managed with physical therapy too. It can help improve vascular and nerve function and even aid in managing blood sugar levels. Additionally, pulmonary problems can be managed, and their symptoms can be improved, with breathing exercises and lung strengthening.

So there you have it: four benefits of physical therapy. Each of them is significant, but one or more might be more significant to you, personally. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of physical therapy and how it could benefit you, specifically, then get in touch with us here at Hudson Sport & Spine. In a simple consultation, we’ll take a look at your history of pain, your condition, and your current symptoms, and if we determine you could benefit from physical therapy with us, we’ll happily provide it and put together a treatment program for you. To book your consultation with us, call us today or book with us online. And when you’re ready to come in for your appointment, you’ll find our clinic at 70 Hudson St Suite 2B, Hoboken, NJ 07030.

We look forward to helping you with your pain, mobility, and much more here at Hudson Sport & Spine!