Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Hoboken, NJ

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Patients,

We hope this message finds you and your loved ones feeling well. In accordance with Governor Murphy’s executive order, all healthcare is considered essential and this specifically includes physical therapy and chiropractic offices. We have been open this past month and our goal remains the same as its been for the past 14 years, serve our community and provide a valuable service, all while being extremely cautious and careful with staff and patients. If you are healthy, but in need of treatment, we are here for you!

Our Updated Office Precautions: in addition to extra cleaning and extra vigilance to personal care of our staff and for our patients, we have implemented a few added precautions.

1- we will take the temperature of each staff member and patient on a daily basis with an infrared thermometer.

2- we will ask a series of questions to confirm you are safe to be in the office for treatment.

3- we will space out appointments so patients can keep a safe distance from others.

4- Treatment staff will wear masks to ensure safety for patients.

Patient Recommendations For Your Immune System:

In addition to social distancing and added precautions we have to ensure our bodies are capable of responding to, and fighting infections.

A Few Recommendations:

1-Get at least 7 hours of good sleep. Your body recharges and needs to be refreshed to combat the environment around it

2-Avoid sugars, heavily refined food, and excessive alcohol. Each of those diminishes the ability to adapt and fight infections.

3- Furthermore, take in nutrients that have been shown to support immune function, Fruits, vegetables, supplements, and vitamins, high in Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D, and Vitamin A

4- Plenty of moderate activity. Research shows that regular exercise increases your white blood cells which optimizes your immune system to help fight infections.

We look forward to serving our community through these difficult times. Feel free to contact our office should you needs us for treatment or advice for home treatment and exercise.

In Good Health,

Staff @ Hudson Sport & Spine.